About SonderJansen

For over 20 years, we are a supplier and producer of frozen fruit and vegetables. Based on our years of experience, we source and produce top quality fruit and vegetables from countries all over the world. Our extensive product range also includes organic products grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

In our state-of-the-art manufactories in Poland and Serbia we process the fruit and vegetables so that they retain their fresh colour and taste. Thanks to our through understanding of the system of markets, weather and harvests we are able to respond effectively to changes in supply and demand and to maintain consistent supplies for our customers, in all seasons.

Since 1996, SonderJansen has been importing, exporting and producing to the highest standards. It all started in Malden (NL), where we had a small office, followed by many years in Oss (NL), and nowadays our head office is in Rosmalen (NL). In the beginning we only had a factory in Poland. However, in 2009 we started building a new, state-of-the-art production facility in Serbia. As a result we can supply our customers with a range of fruits and varieties of the highest quality. This, in combination with our stringent quality department, means we can deliver perfect products to our customers. For more information about quality and certification, please visit our quality page.

The Team


At our head office, we are operating with seven enthousiastic persons. We are proud to present you the SonderJansen team:


Gerrit Sonder


Jens Sonder

Account Manager

Hans Brittijn

Commercial Manager

Anne-Marie den Hartog

Accounting Assistent

Angelique de Luy

Head of Accounting

Ilona Reintjes

Quality Manager

Ramona van de Camp

Logistics Manager


SonderJansen believes it is important to support charities as a way of demonstrating our compassionate nature.

The Badala Nursery school in Gambia is one of the three charities which SonderJansen supports. The school in Gambia was built in 2008 and the school is now able to provide education to 200 children.

The second charity which we support, the SWGN foundation, organises projects for people who have mental and/or physical disabilities. This foundation was established in 2007 and operates nationwide.

The third and last charity is called SurfKids. This charity produces and publishes a colouring, fictional book for kids and especially for kids which are in the hospital.

Badala Nursery School in Gambia