I.Q.F. Fruit

For years I.Q.F. fruit has been our biggest market. In Europe we source among others raspberries, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, red and black currants.

We work with a lot of varieties and each variety has its own season, taste, colour and structure. This means we usually have what the customer is looking for in stock. We also work with partners in other parts in the world like South America. In this continent, we can source other fruit than in Europe, like mango, as well as the same fruit in another part of the year. We are always looking for the best solution for our customers all over the world.


- Strawberries IQF
- Raspberries IQF
- Sour cherries IQF
- Sweet cherries IQF
- Elderberries IQF
- Blueberries IQF
- Blackberries IQF
- Black currants IQF
- Red currants IQF
- Cranberries IQF
- Lingonberries IQF
- Gooseberries IQF
- Mango IQF
- Aronia IQF
- Pear IQF
- Apple IQF
- Plums IQF
- Kiwi IQF
- Sea buckthorn IQF
- Rosehip IQF
- Apricots IQF
- Passion fruit
- Peach IQF

The Journey

SonderJansen lets you take a look inside the kitchen, so you can get a good idea of how we process our products. Join us on this journey to find out what we do to get our high-quality products.

The Journey